Schooner Pier

Following Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of the Biloxi Maritime and Seafood Museum on the eastern tip of Point Cadet, this facility was constructed as a dock for the museum’s replicas of two Biloxi schooners, the Glen L. Swetman and the George Sekul.  These craft are reminiscent of the late 19th and early 20th century shallow-draft sailing vessels that shrimped and dredged oysters in the waters of the Mississippi Sound and the Louisiana marshes.  Shrimping was  accomplished by fishermen going overboard and pulling nets by hand.  Dredging was done with hand-turned winches.  During the off-season, the swift vessels took part in the famous Biloxi schooner races.

Return to Highway 90 and continue east.  Get into the left lane and turn onto Kuhn Street. The Ohr-O’Keefe Museum is on the right.  Also on the grounds is the Pleasant Reed house, which was moved from its original site to its present location.  Reed was an African-American born into slavery, but as a free adult he became a landowner and built his own home.