Miramar Park and Subdivision

The developers of the Miramar Subdivision began clearing land, selling lots, and paving the streets in late 1925.  The small subdivision is bound on the east by north/south Acacia Avenue,  on the west by north/south Miramar Avenue, and on the north by Irish Hill Drive. These streets are intersected by east/west Swetman Street (formerly Wilkes Avenue).  Developers envisioned a “highest class” subdivision, particularly along the beachfront. In 1926, however, the northern section of Miramar opened to satisfy the demand for more modestly priced homes.  The original homes in the southernmost area were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Miramar Park (the playground on Highway 90 between Acacia and Miramar)

The park was founded in 1941 by the Miramar Garden Club on a lot that was owned by the city of Biloxi.  The garden club (later joined by the Acacia Garden Club) made the park their primary project, beautifying the grounds with plants and flowers.  In 1947 the city of Biloxi took sole responsibility for the park, but allowed the garden clubs to continue their work.  Park activities included various community and city events.  The city installed the first children’s swings in 1948.  Miramar Park is under the direction of  the Biloxi Parks and Recreation Department.

From the park go one block north on Acacia.  Turn left (west) and go to 1956 Glen Swetman Street where the Swetman house stands on the right.