Barq’s Pop Factory

Edward Barq, Sr. (1871-1943) constructed this building circa 1898 to house his bottling company, the Biloxi Artesian Bottle Works.  Here is where Barq experimented with formulas for various soft drinks and where he produced his famous Barq’s Root Beer, which became the country’s number one favorite.  Barq studied soft drink formulation in France before coming to Biloxi. This small gable-roofed structure is typical of Biloxi’s turn of the 20th century commercial buildings.  This building served the company’s needs until 1937, when the operation  relocated to north of the railroad on Lameuse Street.

Turn around and go back to  the Howard/Keller intersection. Turn left (west) and travel for about one tenth of a mile to the intersection of Howard Avenue and Lee Street.  The Bowen House is located at 555 Howard Avenue on the southeast corner of Howard Avenue and Lee street.