Buddhist Temple/Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church

Both the Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church and the Chua Van Duc Buddhist Temple represent the  latest ethnic influence in Biloxi.  Vietnamese refugees, many of whom were fishermen, began arriving in Biloxi during the late 1970s.  They felt themselves at home in the fishing community at Point Cadet.  Since that time, they have become an integral part of the fabric of Biloxi.  The Catholic Vietnamese first worshiped at St. Michael’s, but built their own church in 2000.  The grand opening of the Buddhist Temple occurred on August 28, 2005, the day before Hurricane Katrina damaged both facilities.

Turn around and go back to Howard Avenue.  Turn right (west) onto Howard and travel west for six tenths of mile to the intersection of Howard and Keller Avenue.  Turn left (south) onto Keller and travel two hundred feet.  The Barq’s Pop Factory is on the left.