Hebrew Rest (Jewish Cemetery)

On August 25, 1853, the congregation of the Hebrew Society of New Orleans paid fifty dollars to Frederick Reynoir for the establishment of a Jewish Cemetery.  It is likely that the cemetery, called Hebrew Rest, was created in response to the worst yellow epidemic known as of that time.  In 1916 the city of Biloxi announced the imminent removal of the seemingly abandoned graves to a new site in order to widen Reynoir Street.  Relatives responded by having the remains of their loved ones disinterred and removed to New Orleans.  The Beth Israel Congregation and the B’nai B’rith Lodge enclosed the cemetery and erected this monument in 1959.  The only tombstone that remains today is that of 17 year old Michel Levy (1880-1897), who was born in Paris, France.

 Turn around and go back to Back Bay Boulevard. Turn left (west) onto Back Bay and travel two tenths of a mile and cross Caillavet Street. Continue west to the bridge that spans Keegan Bayou.  As the bayou approaches its outlet into the bay of  Biloxi, it can be seen from the bridge.