Popp’s Ferry Causeway Park

The city of Biloxi purchased this marsh island in 2000 in order to preserve the ten acre area as a recreational facility.  After its initial development, Hurricane Katrina inflicted heavy damage to the facility in 2005.  Today, the Popp’s Ferry Causeway Park offers opportunities for walking, jogging, cycling, fishing, and crabbing.  A boat ramp is also available.  It can’t be seen by land, but around to the northwest is the convergence of the Biloxi and Tchoutacabouffa Rivers which flow here as one into the Bay of Biloxi.


This ends the west tour, but it may be continued independently through Northwest Biloxi, which was annexed by the city in 1999.  Northwest Biloxi includes the communities of Cedar Lake, a late 19th and early 20th centuries logging area, and Woolmarket, which was a late 1800s site of a thriving wool industry.  The Biloxi and the Tchoutacabouffa Rivers flow through Northwest Biloxi.