Biloxi Lighthouse Park

The Biloxi Lighthouse Park opened in June 2015.  This site is historical as it is just east of where French records show that the building of Fort Louis began in 1720, and where Biloxi became the French capital of the Louisiana Territory. The park’s elevated nature trail follows the present-day ravine that is today considered a bayhead swamp.  But, a November 25, 1720 French document describes it as “a running stream which comes from a spring whose water is cold, clear, and very clean.”  At one time a small bridge spanned the stream as it emptied into the Mississippi Sound just west of the Biloxi Lighthouse.  The park also offers a children’s playground, native plants and flowers, and a covered pavilion as an events venue.

From Porter Avenue turn right (west) onto Highway 90.  This section of the highway is the Dr. Gilbert Mason, Sr. Memorial Highway.  Travel west two tenths of a mile and see the Tree Art Garden is in the median.