Croatian-American Cultural Center (Slavonian Lodge)

The Slavonian Lodge was founded in 1913 by the Croatian-speaking Slavs, who emigrated from the turmoil of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and found a place in Biloxi’s seafood industry.  They have called themselves Austrians, Yugoslavs, and Croatians, depending upon the political developments in their homeland.  They began migrating from Louisiana to Biloxi around the turn of the 20th century.  The benevolent association was formed for the promotion of the preservation of the heritage and culture of the Croatian people in Biloxi.  Hurricane Katrina destroyed the association’s 1938 lodge.  This new building was dedicated in 2010.

 Turn around and go back to Howard Avenue.  Turn right (west) and go one tenth of a mile to the first traffic light at the intersection of Howard and Oak Street.  Turn right (north) onto Oak Street and travel one tenth of a mile to the Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church at 172 Oak Street and the Buddhist Temple at 179 Oak Street (next door to each other) on the left.