Lopez, Elmer and Company Site

Biloxi’s first oyster and shrimp canning factory, Lopez, Elmer and Company, opened on this site in 1888.  By 1892 the company’s name had changed to the Biloxi Canning Company.  From this first factory, Biloxi went on to become the “Seafood Capital of the World” in 1904 with companies operating all along Bay View Avenue and at Point Cadet as well.  The factories employed hundreds of workers, many of whom were quartered in long row-houses that were called “c.c. (canning company) camps.”  Each company had its own fleet of shrimp and oyster schooners.

Exit the parking lot and cross Bay Back Boulevard.  Go directly south onto Reynoir Street for one tenth of a mile.   On the right, there is an enclosed lot with a large monument.  This is the Jewish Cemetery.